Santa Rosalía is much more than a restaurant, it is the result of all the proposals that we elaborate in our Finca Santa Rosalía, a unique environment of which we open the doors to all that it wishes. The Finca Santa Rosalía, located in the municipality of Vizmalo (Burgos), is a quiet and charming place, where fruit of the meticulous work done for years, we elaborate our organic wines of Bodegas Garmendia and we breed with indefatigable dedication and respect to the nature , To our animals. Our hallmark is none other than to develop and offer handcrafted, select and top quality products.

Patxi Garmendia, founder of this project, decided in 2011 to open our restaurant De Santa Rosalía to present to the public all the products made in our farm demonstrating that quality is more than a concept.

All our meat comes from animals over 40 months old raised in the field with natural feed without antibiotics. Wagyu meat is one of the most prized and selected in the world. Its degree of infiltration makes it a tender meat, of great juiciness and exquisite taste, being in addition a healthy meat due to its high content in acids unsaturated degrees like omega 3, 6 and oleic acid omega 9.

In the farm we also breed red partridges that receive a totally natural feeding, transmitting to the meat and its eggs the benefits that this entails.

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